Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Projects I am working on next...

I got some beautiful blue charmeuse from Gorgeous Fabrics that I am going to make the sleeveless top with. I am going to make another HotPatterns pencil skirt (the one I reviewed earlier in denim) in a black stretch sateen to go with. Should make for a sexy, dressy, outfit.

I love this dress... it is so sweet looking. I am eyeing a fabric (at gorgeous fabrics again) to use. Gonna do a muslin first.

Along with my charmeuse I got a couple of jersey knits. I'm going to make a couple of t-shirts from the Riviera pattern. I think I like the simple short sleeved version with the chest pocket.

I have this coat cut out. I am using a gray wool and am making the full length sleeve version.

Still searching for the right fabric for the Riviera jacket. Calls for a stable knit. I'm keeping my eyes open for a double knit.

I love the cap sleeved dress (shown here in gray). I have read some mixed reviews on PR
so will make a muslim first to make appropriate adjustments to the pattern.

So I am actually just about done with this jumper. I am making it out of a navy linen blend. I was afraid it was going to end up maternity looking but let me tell you it's really cute. You'll just have to wait until I have made a top to go with it before you can see it...

Here is the pattern I am going to use to make a top to go with the linen jumper. I like either the sleeveless version or the 3/4 sleeve version. Maybe I'll do both:)

What are you working on now? Shoot me a line:)

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