Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sew U: Strapless Knit Dress

This project was completed with the help of the book "Sew U Home Stretch" by Wendy Mullin. This book is great for those who are just learning to work with knit fabrics. It goes through the different tools and techniques you will need to sew a great knit garment. What I like about the book is it comes with three basic patterns: a crew neck t-shirt, a raglan top, and a dress. Then the author gives you instructions and ideas for altering these patterns into different looks. I am slowly learning how to alter patterns to get different looks and fits. I eventually want to draft my own patterns. So this book is great for learning the basics.

I made this dress using Wendy's basic dress pattern. She then guides you through making the necessary alterations to get it to the strapless version. This dress was super easy and quick. After cutting it out, it took me about one and a half hours to complete. The hardest part was tracing the pattern off and making the design alterations.

I used a blue cotton jersey from Denver Fabrics. This dress only cost me about $10 to make. I cut a size large after reading the sizing chart. However, I ended up taking the dress in about 3 inches per side.

I think the end result is super cute and super fun to wear. I think I will need to make more in different colors. It's great to wear as a casual dress to run errands. Yet, you can also dress it up for dinner. I might also make the dress in some cotton woven fabrics for a light and breezy version- just need to keep the extra width on the sides to allow for slipping over the body. I would also eliminate the waist band and make a band of elastic for the waist instead.

Here is the photo from the book. I obviously added length because I am not 18 years old anymore:

And here are the finished looks:



  1. VERY CUTE! I am SO in love with strapless right now! Love this color on you!

  2. what a pretty dress.
    the color is perfect for u.
    u look great :)

  3. Oh!! You looks fabulous in this strapless dress!! I like the blue color... Best for summer days...