Sunday, June 7, 2009

McCall's 5590 and Vogue 8536

So here is my latest outfit. A high waisted skirt and a basic t-shirt to go with it. I used Vogue 8536 for the top and McCall's 5590 for the skirt.

I also had an inspiration outfit:

For the top, I used a silk jersey in a dark heather gray from Denver Fabrics. It only needed a little over a yard of fabric. I really like how it turned out. It fits well. I think I will need to make several in different colors to go with different outfits.

For the skirt, I used denim from Joann Fabrics. I'm not sold on the buttons I chose. What do you think? I almost think they look a little too home sewn to me. Maybe covered buttons with the same denim would be better? I like the overall look of the skirt. I think it could be nipped in just a tad in the waist. (I've lost 2 1/2 inches off from my waist since I started working out hard- one more inch to go and I'm in the next size down!) I like the fact that the skirt can be dressed up or down and can be worn in different seasons. Because of the high waist, I used boning in the waistband as suggested by Ann in her blog.

Here are the finished looks. Check out Pattern Review in my gadget on the side.

This last week I was in the cutting mood. I cut out several projects and they are ready to sew up. So more to come soon...



  1. You've done well. I like the line of the t-shirt and skirt. May I suggest some other shoes - a ballet flat or heels without an ankle strap to really show off your great clothes.

  2. I am always open to friendly suggestions- I will try out some different shoes when I wear my outfit out... Thanks:)

  3. Cute outfit! The skirt looks great on you!