Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BWOF 8/2009 Wish List (Photo Heavy)

I don't know how much actual sewing I will be able to do this Fall. I will be taking 10 credit hours at school- I am working on my bachelors degree in nursing and hoping to finish up this next year. Plus I am working lots of overtime at work. My husband and I are saving up for a down payment for a larger house so that we can start making babies! But I hope to fit in sewing at least one or two days a week. We'll see...

I could definitely fit almost every garment in this issue of BWOF into my Fall wardrobe! Here are just a few of my favorites.

I love, love, love the entire Parisian Chic section. First of all- I need to master this model's eyeliner! It is retro and glamorous and I love it! I need this blouse! I love the ruffled neckline. This would be perfect with a skirt or pair of slacks for a night out... or under a jacket.

Next up is this capelet- so cute!

I can never have too many pea coats...

I would love this parka if I can find the perfect fabric for it. It needs to be something not too light and not too heavy for that in between weather of fall.

Love the ruffle of this button-up top. I picture it in a red plaid flannel for some reason.

This dress is so romantic! I want to make it in a panne velvet:

Once again, I'm a sucker for the ruffles. I've always wanted a trench coat. I love the girly details of this one.

Those are just a few of my picks... like I said, I really could wear almost everything in this issue. I'm thinking of challenging myself to make one whole section (probably the Parisian Chic) of the magazine for a nice little mixable wardrobe.


NewLook 6732 Pattern Review

It's been quite awhile since I've made a blouse. I was drawn to this pattern because of the cute collar and puffed sleeves- the combination is very feminine. The darts and princess seams give a very nice fitted shape to the blouse.

I used cotton lawn from Denver Fabrics. I spent about $10 on the fabric and purchased the buttons as well. I really like this fabric. It is super light weight but not sheer, so it feels great in the sticky hot weather we are having right now.

I did not have any problems constructing the pattern or interpreting the instructions. Blouses in general take longer to make because of all the different steps. I probably spent about 4 hours sewing time on this.

I did not make any changes to the design or alterations. I did have one big OOPS! My buttonholes are not evenly spaced. And of course I did not realize this until I had sewn them up and cut them. And I don't know how in the world it happened! I traced the buttonhole placement from the guide. I double checked the guide which is drafted correctly. The good thing is that my buttons are small and pink which blends into the print of the fabric. I've worn this out once with my husband and MIL (who can be very critical at times). Noone was the wiser.

I think the blouse is very cute and has a retro vibe to it. My husband calls it "dowdy". I don't think he likes how it is buttoned all the way up. But you could always pair it with a sexy skirt or capris. I don't always care what he thinks anyway!


Monday, July 27, 2009

McCalls 5804- Pattern Review

As promised, here is one of my recent creations. I made a "Hilary Duff" pattern for the first time. Other than her photo on the envelope I wonder what she actually has to do with the design. But I think a lot of "her" patterns are fresh designs and very wearable.

I really like the bodice of this dress- it is pleated at the neckline and has gathers under the bust. The midriff is pulled in which creates a flattering look for the midsection. And it's lined which gives you the opportunity to use a fabric that would otherwise be too sheer for a dress.

I used an embroidered, swiss dot cotton material from Gorgeous Fabrics. I spent about $24 on that fabric. For the lining I used bemberg voile lining, also from Gorgeous Fabrics. I love this lining! I have used it in more than one project and it has a nice soft feeling against the skin. It's a little difficult to sew with because it squirms around quite a bit, but the finished product is very nice. I spent about $15 for the lining. Then I just needed a zipper for the back.

The pattern is called "easy", and it very much is. I probably spent about 5-6 hours total to put the dress together. I did not have any problems with interpreting the instructions.

I usually go down a size in the Big Four patterns. I usually make a size 16 which is what I made this. However, I've lost some weight and could have gone down to a 14. It's not huge- but could probably be better fitting around the bust and midriff. I am also a shorty and usually have to take length off. However, I actually added about two inches to the length because I didn't want it as short as it is in the photos. I am happy with the new length.

Overall, I am happy with the dress. It is great for warmer weather. The swiss-dot combined with the lining are still light enough to keep me cool when it's hot outside. This one will look cute with a cardigan over it as well.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

More projects soon...

I've made three new garments in the past two weeks.I just haven't had the time with my husband for a photo shoot lately. Reviews will be coming soon... I promise! Here is what I've been working on:

I made a Hilary Duff pattern! I made the sleeveless dress shown in yellow. It turned out very cute!

Next up was a little "prairie girl" skirt. I made the version shown in white. I used a gauze fabric and wrinkled the skirt as it dried. Also very cute!

And finally, I made a button up blouse. I made the one with the peter pan collar and short puff sleeves. I think it's cute but my hubby says it is "dowdy". You be the judge when I get the photos out!

Actually, I did make a fourth garment that you will not be seeing. I finally coughed up the $80 for a subsription to Burda World of Fashion magazine. My first issue was the July one. My first garment was this cute little halter top. I'll give you a quick and dirty review here. The garment worked up super fast- about two hours. But it is too skanky to wear out! I'm sure some of you will make it and it will be suitable for public viewing. However, I made mine in a very drapey silk jersey. The halter dips too low in back to wear a bra. So you can imagine what you can see from the front with no bra on- too much! If you make this one I would suggest adding another layer of fabric in the front for modesty sake. I am not discouraged by my first experience though. There are several other garments I would like to make up.