Sunday, July 19, 2009

More projects soon...

I've made three new garments in the past two weeks.I just haven't had the time with my husband for a photo shoot lately. Reviews will be coming soon... I promise! Here is what I've been working on:

I made a Hilary Duff pattern! I made the sleeveless dress shown in yellow. It turned out very cute!

Next up was a little "prairie girl" skirt. I made the version shown in white. I used a gauze fabric and wrinkled the skirt as it dried. Also very cute!

And finally, I made a button up blouse. I made the one with the peter pan collar and short puff sleeves. I think it's cute but my hubby says it is "dowdy". You be the judge when I get the photos out!

Actually, I did make a fourth garment that you will not be seeing. I finally coughed up the $80 for a subsription to Burda World of Fashion magazine. My first issue was the July one. My first garment was this cute little halter top. I'll give you a quick and dirty review here. The garment worked up super fast- about two hours. But it is too skanky to wear out! I'm sure some of you will make it and it will be suitable for public viewing. However, I made mine in a very drapey silk jersey. The halter dips too low in back to wear a bra. So you can imagine what you can see from the front with no bra on- too much! If you make this one I would suggest adding another layer of fabric in the front for modesty sake. I am not discouraged by my first experience though. There are several other garments I would like to make up.



  1. These are all promising patterns. Looking forward to seeing them made up.

  2. Looking forward to your reviews!! It seems like Burda has so many great patterns!