Monday, August 31, 2009

Pattern Review: McCalls 6009

I am making more garments than I normally would due to the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. They can't all be winners, right?

This is another vintage pattern- from 1978. I never planned on this being a wear out kind of top. I wanted it to be a lounge around top to wear with yoga or sweat pants. You can still look cute when you lounge, right?

So I picked a cute, juvenile print. It's a pink pointelle knit with butterfly print from Denver Fabric. This cost me only $7.00 to make (thank goodness).

I cut a size medium which is a 14-16. The pattern is super easy. However, I knew there was going to be a problem when I first started to construct it. I realized this was going to be HUGE! I did a 1" seam allowance on all seams instead of 5/8". However, the adjustment was just not enough. I seriously think that someone who is a size 20 or even higher could comfortably wear this. I can't even lounge around in it because the neckline is so big it falls off. Into the Goodwill pile it goes.

The top is pinned in back to prevent falling off the maniquin:


Pattern Review: Simplicity 6789

So this in number nine for the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. I've been on a vintage kick for a few months now. I like to make vintage items that will look unique but that are still wearable and not costume looking.

I liked the shape and design of this skirt. It is A-line and has a wrap around style with button closures along the waistline. The pattern is from 1974. And it's a "Jiffy" pattern which was Simplicity's "easy cut, easy sew" patterns.

This pattern was a size 12-14, which is actually smaller than today's patterns for the same size. So I added 5/8 of an inch to each of the side seams. I am glad I did... it fits great without being too snug.

This was a "jiffy" to make- only took about three hours after cutting it out. I made the shortest length but still ended up taking two inches off of the hem.

I used the same denim as I did for the capris in Simplicity 3850. The skirt cost $17.50 for fabric and $2.50 for buttons.

I like it! It's got the vintage feel without looking like I stepped out of a 70's movie. These red wedges add to the vintagy feel.

Can you spot the photo impostor in the rose bush?


Pattern Review: Simplicity 3850

Time to do some catching up on my posts. This is my eighth entry into the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. I am finding that I am making way to many dresses. I like dresses a lot but really only wear them once a week to church or on a date with the hubby. So I need more separates.

So I went for a capri pant using this pattern. The pattern is for a slim leg pant, capri, or shorts. They have front pockets, and flap pockets in back. I got the denim at Joann Fabrics for $14. Then I got jean buttons and a zipper for an additional $5.

I did not have any trouble with the construction but I have made pants before. There are several steps and I wouldn't really recommend this to an absolute beginner. But with a little experience, they shouldn't be a problem.

I made a 14 which is one size smaller than my measurements recommend. I am happy with the overall fit. Except... my butt never looks quite right in home sewn pants. First of all, the flap pockets are probably not the most flattering. If I use this pattern again, I will probably go with a typical patch pocket that you would find on most jeans. Second of all, I have a big, round, butt. I am not being self conscious or fishing for compliments. I know I have a big butt. I've been told I have a big butt. I embrace it. But my butt does not fill out these capris. So there is some strange sagginess going on in that region. I will probably continue to make pants in the quest to perfect my fitting techniques and find a well drafted pattern for my rump. I would show you a picture... but I couldn't bear to post the most unflattering view in these capris.

Aside from the butt issues, I think the rest of the pattern design is very cute. I really like the hem band at the bottom with the loop and button closure- I think it's a unique touch.

I will wear these but with an over sized sweater or cardigan to cover up my bottom.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Simplicity 2854- Pattern Review

This is garment number 7 in the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. This catches me up on my postings for all of my recent creations.

Simplicity 2854- this pattern is for blouses with collar and sleeve variations. I was drawn to this pattern for view F- it has no collar and short sleeves with bands. However, I made view D with white cotton sateen I had left over from another project. View D has ruffles along the armband and waistline.

I made a 14- my usual one size smaller than the pattern recommends.

The pattern was easy to make. I'm just not excited with the end product. In fact, this one is going in the Goodwill pile after I post it. The pattern and design are fine, I think I just used the wrong fabric for it. The sateen is too heavy and crisp for this design. I might give this pattern another whirl in view F in a lightweight batiste, voile, or something else that is more floaty. The white just doesn't do it for me.


Butterick 5360- Pattern Review

Numero Seis in the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review.

I first fell in love with the fabric and scooped it up before I knew what I was going to make. It is a jade green linen with tan and gold metallic floral embroidery. Can't remember what I paid but I got it at Joann Fabrics so it couldn't be too outrageous. Then I pictured it made into a cute jacket and alas, I settled on Butterick 5360. I made view C which has gathering along the neckline and very interesting sleeves- they almost look like flower petals to me. I used white rayon bemberg lining from Gorgeous Fabrics. And I purchased gold buttons in a floral design.

The pattern is rated "easy" and it really is. I thought it would be more complicated than it was with the sleeves, but the instructions are very easy to follow.

I did not make any adjustments to the design or pattern other than going down my usual one size to a 14.

I love the end product! I wore this to church with a pair of tan capris and a white blouse underneath. The hubby said I looked very "contemporary".... he's funny.


New Look 6676- Pattern Review

Garment #5 in the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review.

This pattern is for a simple sun dress in five different versions. I made view C, the one shown on the model.

I used a cotton print from Joann Fabric. I fell in love with the design of the fabric and spent a little more than I probably would for cotton fabric. I spent $21 on fabric, got a zipper, and used ribbon from my stash for the decorative detail along the neckline.

This is another super easy pattern. I spent about 3 hours putting this one together. I had a little difficulty getting the straps exactly right. They are gathered at the ends and then stitched in place. If you look very closely you can see that they are not identical... or am I just freaking out?

I made a size 14- one size smaller than recommended. And I shortened the length by about 2 inches.

Overall, I am happy with the results. I will probably pair this one with a white cardigan for an outfit. We will be going to Florida to visit the in-laws in a couple of months and this one will be great for the Florida climate.


Vogue 1027- Pattern Review

Garment #4 in the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review.

This pattern is one of Pattern Review's best patterns of 2008! It is a DKNY design for Vogue.

I used a turquoise jersey knit from Denver Fabrics. I can't remember how much this one cost me to make but I am assuming less than $20.

This was very easy to make! It only took me about 3 hours to complete. I eliminated the pockets. I also eliminated the elastic along the waistline. If you check out the review on this pattern at PR, most people did the same. The elastic just isn't necessary. I also took 3 inches off the length. I did the ties as the pattern instructed. However, if you use fabric that has an obvious front and back to it, sew the ties together as a tube to conceal the wrong side. That's another tip I got from several people at PR. I made a size 14- one size smaller than my measurements.

On a side note- I've lost 12 pounds so far! And I've been able to go down one size from my usual pattern size which used to be a 16. Plus I've gone down one size in RTW which is now a 10. I have not been a size 10 since I met my husband 6 years ago!

I like the finished garment. I have a wedding to attend next month and am thinking this would be nice to wear to it.


Simplicity 2586- Pattern Review

Pattern #3 in the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review (I'm up to seven garments but have not posted them yet). At this point, the leaders in the contest are up to
9, 12, and 15 garments!

Anyway, this is a Cynthia Rowley design by Simplicity patterns. I used a silk blend fabric from Joann Fabrics and spent about $15 to make the dress.

The dress was super easy to make. I love all of the "designer" details like the gathering at the neckline and sleeves as well as the ruffle at the bottom of the dress. I finished all of the exposed seams in a french seam.

I made a size 14 which is one size smaller than my measurements. I also made the petite adjustments that are included in the patterns which takes off approximately 2 inches.

I think the finished garment is very cute and stylish. DH agrees this time. I can wear it as is in the warmer months. Come fall, I think I could pull this off as a tunic with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, and heels. Very cute for date night!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Buyer's Remorse...

Have you ever purchased fabric and later wondered "what was I thinking"? That's what happened to me today. I am working on my seventh garment for the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. I had purchased this polyester print "chiffon" fabric from Joann Fabrics from their simply silky collection. I was planning on making a top with New Look 6891. I even cut it out and began sewing it. Then I realized what a hideous print it really is. I'm not going to show it so as to not offend anyone who might own it. But I couldn't bring myself to spend anymore time making the top when I knew I would never wear it. So unfortunately I wasted $10 and a few hours of my time. I think I buy too quickly before thinking about it... any tips on how to stop that?


Monday, August 10, 2009

McCalls 4120- Pattern Review

Garment #2 for the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. I can't remember how long this has been in my stash. I just started the vintage kick within the last six months so I've probably only had this pattern for that long.

I really like the unique shape of this dress. It's simple but still different than what you see today. It's got the yoke with built in sleeves and is gathered at the bodice.

I used a blue jersey knit from Denver Fabrics. The dress cost me $10.50 for fabric and I didn't need any other notions.

This dress was so easy to make- I spent just a few hours on it. The only alteration I made was shortening it of course. I made a size 14 which fit me very well without alterations.

I am very pleased with this dress. The belt makes it very flattering. I wore this to church then out for errands and grocery shopping. It was very comfortable. I will definitely use the pattern to make another dress or top.

So I've actually got four garments made up for the contest but I am slow to post them. I hope to make another four this week. Hopefully that will keep me in the running! But I have to remind myself that it's not winning that matters but making up all of these unused patterns. (Yeah right, I want the prize!)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simplicity 5062- Pattern Review

Here is garment number one for the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. The copyright on this pattern is 2004 and I'm assuming it has been sitting in my stash since then.

It is difficult for me to buy a pair of capris ready made because my legs are so short. They end up looking like high water pants on me. So of course I had to make a pair that would work for me.

I used a light blue stretch sateen from Joann Fabrics. This fabric has also been sitting in my stash. I cannot recall what I paid for it but I'm assuming it was about $15. Then I purchased jean buttons to go on the cargo pockets. And a zipper for the fly.

I love the cargo look of these capris. The pockets and drawstring hem is fun. I did quite a bit of top stitching. For the side seam, I did a faux flat fell seam to give it a jeans look. If your machine comes with the stitch, use a triple straight stitch for the top stitching. It creates the look of heavy top stitching thread.

I shortened the length by about 3 inches. And I'm happy with the results- I think I avoided the high water pants look!

I know that camouflage is probably so last season but I always wanted a pair of camouflage capris. So I will probably use this pattern to make another pair in camouflage.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Pattern Review Stash Contest

Has anyone checked out the newest contest at Pattern Review? It's all about who can use the most number of previously unused patterns from their stash. I'm in! I counted the number of unused patterns in my Fall sewing pile- I've got over sixty. You have until the end of September to make up all of your patterns. I don't think I have a chance in Hades of winning (last year's winner used 45 patterns). But this will be great motivation to make a dent in my pile! Plus it's an excuse to buy some more fabric for all of the patterns you'll be using (just got done ordering several from Denver Fabrics).