Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Buyer's Remorse...

Have you ever purchased fabric and later wondered "what was I thinking"? That's what happened to me today. I am working on my seventh garment for the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. I had purchased this polyester print "chiffon" fabric from Joann Fabrics from their simply silky collection. I was planning on making a top with New Look 6891. I even cut it out and began sewing it. Then I realized what a hideous print it really is. I'm not going to show it so as to not offend anyone who might own it. But I couldn't bring myself to spend anymore time making the top when I knew I would never wear it. So unfortunately I wasted $10 and a few hours of my time. I think I buy too quickly before thinking about it... any tips on how to stop that?



  1. I have quite a bit of fabric that I purchased a few years ago on the clearance table. I liked it at the time, but my taste has changed. I have thought, "What was I thinking?" I've been giving away a lot of fabric lately. I don't think I'll stock up too far in advance in the future in case that happens again. I think I would prefer to buy the fabric when I am ready to sew; then I have the excitement of shopping for it and I know I'll like it.

  2. I have many of these, but they're usually old sheets I pick up because they're so cheap. They're mostly floral, which I never wear! Yesterday I also came across a baseball themed one that was downright fugly and could not believe I had planned to make a dress out of it!