Monday, August 31, 2009

Pattern Review: Simplicity 3850

Time to do some catching up on my posts. This is my eighth entry into the Pattern Stash Contest at Pattern Review. I am finding that I am making way to many dresses. I like dresses a lot but really only wear them once a week to church or on a date with the hubby. So I need more separates.

So I went for a capri pant using this pattern. The pattern is for a slim leg pant, capri, or shorts. They have front pockets, and flap pockets in back. I got the denim at Joann Fabrics for $14. Then I got jean buttons and a zipper for an additional $5.

I did not have any trouble with the construction but I have made pants before. There are several steps and I wouldn't really recommend this to an absolute beginner. But with a little experience, they shouldn't be a problem.

I made a 14 which is one size smaller than my measurements recommend. I am happy with the overall fit. Except... my butt never looks quite right in home sewn pants. First of all, the flap pockets are probably not the most flattering. If I use this pattern again, I will probably go with a typical patch pocket that you would find on most jeans. Second of all, I have a big, round, butt. I am not being self conscious or fishing for compliments. I know I have a big butt. I've been told I have a big butt. I embrace it. But my butt does not fill out these capris. So there is some strange sagginess going on in that region. I will probably continue to make pants in the quest to perfect my fitting techniques and find a well drafted pattern for my rump. I would show you a picture... but I couldn't bear to post the most unflattering view in these capris.

Aside from the butt issues, I think the rest of the pattern design is very cute. I really like the hem band at the bottom with the loop and button closure- I think it's a unique touch.

I will wear these but with an over sized sweater or cardigan to cover up my bottom.



  1. I think those are really nice on you. The flap looks good, too, at least in the picture- not to bulky. Very cute!

  2. I'm going to the store TODAY to see if this pattern is there!

  3. I'm a little late to the party... but I think these capris are cute on you! This is actually one of my favorite pants patterns, but I've found that a lighter material is better than a heavier one (I've made the same size pant in two different fabrics, to completely different results that surprised me) for the design and I don't like the butt-flaps either.