Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sewing to follow... eventually

Has anyone ever seen The Money Pit? Everything in their house is supposed to be done in "two weeks". Well that's how I feel. We have made progress in that we are all moved into the new house. However, the boxes have exploded everywhere. I am picturing the many projects I will make in my new sewing room. I think it will be ready to go in "two weeks".

As an incentive to complete the unpacking and organizing in the sewing room, the hubby has offered a large reward. A dress form! I have considered the duct tape dress form but I have yet to see one that comes out right (no offense to anyone has one). The thrifty side of me has also looked at the less expensive singer and dritz models but the reviews on them are horrible.

So a question: If you are so lucky to have one, what kind of dress form do you use? How do you like it?



  1. I have a Dritz My Double my mom bought for me. I have a petite one, and for some reason petite= flat chested. I make it wear a padded bra, lol! It's good for pinning and to get a general idea of things, but final fittings still need to be done on me. It's helpful, but not perfect...

  2. I had a Dritz Athena dress form which I didn't use and ended up selling... the shoulders were much wider than mine, and it was a B cup that couldn't be adjusted. It was useful for photographing the garments, but as far as fitting went I knew that if it fit the dress form then it wouldn't fit me!

  3. Well, I made one of those duct tape dress forms and I'm quite happy with it! I needed my exact measurements to get a better fit, so making a true double was a plus for me. The Dritz forms just don't really appeal to me, maybe because my pooch (belly) can't be replicated,lol! I do plan to purchase a pgm one in the future though. U can check out my duct tape dummy here:

    She's not too bad! lol

  4. Ms.Choize- OMG, your dress form is the best ever! Anyone interested in making their own should look at her link! I would love to know how you made your cover and how you mounted it. You have made me reconsider making my own.