Monday, April 5, 2010

New Sewing Room

So I've been promising pictures of my new sewing sanctuary for quite some time. To be honest, I just finished hanging the curtains on the closet and the shades on the windows today. So here are the pics:

This is the sewing desk. On the bulletin board above it, I post the instructions for the pattern I am working on.

To the right of the desk I've got my cutting table. As you can see- it folds up nicely. When I am using it, I have enough space to roll it to the middle of the room.

I've got my ironing board to the left of the desk. I also have the computer set up to the left. This is where I read all of your lovely blogs and pattern reviews! When I am sewing, I bring up Netflix on my computer and stream in movies and TV shows. I've also got a small TV hooked up.

Next up is the closet. It looks innocent enough from the outside...

...but overflowing hot mess awaits inside. My fabric stash is piled to the ceiling on the top shelf. And yes, that is more fabric in the middle on top of the pattern drawers. And in case you didn't notice- there is more fabric in the box on the left.

I love my new sewing room! It is small and cozy but it suits my needs. In the last house I had a ration of space measuring 5ft by 3 ft in which to cram my desk, TV, ironing board and fabric stash.



  1. I love your sewing room. I know you are going to be spending lots of wonderful crafty hours there.

  2. I'm glad you have your own sewing room. What a great feeling!

  3. Your sewing room is very complete and cozy. What a wonderful space to spend time for sewingg. :)