Monday, April 26, 2010

Stash Update

In this post I confessed to owning 41 pieces of fabric that have not been sewn up yet. I promised my hubby to not purchase another piece of fabric until I am down into the single digits. I am happy to say I have got the stash down to 32 pieces... and still no new fabric purchases. Yes- I am a little behind in posting the finished garments... need to have a photo shoot with the hubby.

Speaking of the hubby, our 3 year wedding anniversary is on this coming Wednesday. We are going to celebrate tomorrow with a couples massage and a nice dinner out. Today, I am going to feverishly try to finish the Burda 02-2010-125 dress for our dinner out:

I have a stretch cotton floral print that's similar to the one in the photo. I will update you later in the week if all works out.

Congrats to those of you who are stash busting too- I know it's hard not to add to the stash right now!



  1. Great job on your stash busting, too! I love that Burda dress... I'm thinking about making it for a banquet this weekend. Can't wait to see your version. Congrats on your wedding anniversary!!

  2. I loved how mine came out with this pattern - can't wait to see how your version comes out. I know it will be amazing!

  3. That is some serious stash busting! I think a big stash is kind of nice actually.

    I have a friend who literally makes hundreds of pots of jam every Spring. She says that she feels good to look in her pantry when she is done and know that she has a year's worth of jam stored up twinkling in the pots. I sort of feel the same way when I look at my stash of washed and pre-shrunk fabric pieces folded up and ready to go.