Monday, June 28, 2010


I can't believe I have not posted anything since the beginning of the month. Shame on me, I have been a very bad blogger. I have only one excuse- my husband and I just did a half marathon in Durango, CO! We walked it but it was our first half marathon and I feel good for having done it.

Well I made the Jalie jeans with the butterfly pockets. I have to say, they were not my finest piece of work and I was not happy with the fit. First of all, I forgot that I had purchased a jeans double needle several months ago for doing the two rows of top stitching. So the first half of the jeans have homemade looking top stitching. Once I remembered that I had the double needle, I used it and what a difference it makes! Second of all, the jeans are super form fitting. This doesn't bother me- I rather like showing off my curves. But, the negative ease in them pulls apart the front zipper fly, exposing the zipper underneath... ick! I have some tricks up my sleeve to correct the problem on the second time around.

However, I don't know if I have the motivation to tackle another pair of jeans just yet. I think I need to work on some of my smaller projects to gain some momentum.

You would think from seeing the lack of postings that I have not been sewing at all. Actually I have two outfits I have made but have been unable to post because I have no pictures! That's not entirely true- I have pictures but am not satisfied with them- they don't do the garments justice. So, I will try to get another photo shoot in and get those posted within the next few days or so.

I am loving the June and July issues of Burda! Maybe I can do a post on some of the views I plan on making.

I have good intentions! We'll see if I will follow through on them...



  1. Sorry to hear about the Jalie jeans. I haven't made mine yet.

    I'm a bad blogger these days myself. Sometimes it just happens.

  2. Sorry about your jeans! Congrats on the half marathon!! That's an amazing feat!