Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Review: More Fabric Savvy

I am waiting for my photographer (the hubby) to get his buns in gear to do a photo shoot. I've got lots of garments to show off. In the mean time, I thought I would do an occasional book review.

I've got quite the sewing reference collection going. I love to learn new tricks and techniques in order to improve my skills. This is one of my top go to books right now: More Fabric Savvy: A Quick Resource Guide To Selecting And Sewing Fabric by Sandra Betzina. (Disclaimer: this blog is not sponsored by anyone or any company).

I love this book because it has everything you need to know about working with different types of fabric from easier fabrics like denim and linen to more difficult fabrics like sequins and velvet. Sandra Betzina describes all of the nitty gritty like prewashing, fabric layout, marking, cutting, thread and needle selection, stitch length, pressing, seam finishes, hemming, and more on each type of fabric.

There are sections at the back of the book describing how to make certain types of seams and different hem techniques. There's even a section for stain removal for different types of fabric.

I recently made a silk chiffon blouse (in the pile to be photographed). I have not done a lot of sewing with chiffon and could have just winged it. However, with the help of this book I was able to quickly read up on the special handling chiffon needs such as using a fine cotton thread instead of polyester, using a smaller needle and stitch length, using french seams, and different hem techniques.

Even if you are not a book collector like me, this one is a great reference to have on hand.


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