Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween Costume 2011

I'm still here! Unfortunately I have not been doing a whole lot of sewing and even less blogging. I have lots of ideas for this blog and want to be more involved but I am struggling to find the time for both sewing and blogging with the new baby. I know many of you have little ones at home. Any tips? How do you fit sewing into your life?

I did manage to sew this costume for Logan. I stayed up sewing after he fell asleep at night to get it done. Maybe that's how I will need to do the rest of my sewing!

I used McCalls 6105. It was actually easy to sew, just tedious with all of the little pieces. I think I spent about 8 hours on it. I made some minor changes to the construction to save time. Logan did really well with it. I thought he would refuse to wear the hood but he tolerated it for a few hours before getting fussy.

It is getting very chilly, very fast in my neck of the woods. I have two Burda jackets that I would love to work on next. Hopefully you'll be seeing those soon!

Daddy was a doctor for his group theme at work. I was a last minute angel as you can see!


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