Monday, December 26, 2011

Pattern Review: Navy Jacket

Hope you all are having some wonderful holiday time, whatever you celebrate! It was my little one's first Christmas! He enjoyed it for small (30 second) increments at a time. But we had a great time with family.

By the way- I'm a jackass and owe many of you an apology! I turned on "comment moderation" a few months ago. I was getting some comments that I didn't feel were appropriate so wanted to make sure I screen them first. The other day, I was in my comment moderation page and deleted about twenty of the last comments made before my most recent blouse project. I thought I was deleting them from an inbox sort of thing, but no- I was deleting them off of my blog all together, with no hopes of recovery! Dang-it!!!! I doubt any of you would have noticed but that is the reason there are no comments left for the last several posts.

For this jacket I used Vogue 8480. I really liked the design details and lines of this jacket. Love the shorter, slightly flared sleeve. I like the notched collar. I also like the pockets that lay in the princess seam of the jacket. The topstitching makes the jacket much more RTW looking.
I used a stretch navy poplin. I can't remember where I got it- it's been in my stash for a while.

The jacket is not lined. I think if I were to make this again, I would add a lining to hide all of the seam allowances.
I made only a few minor changes. I shortened the sleeve cap height to make it easier to set-in. I also omitted the topstitching in just a few places where I thought it looked wonky. This included along the sleeve cap- it gave the cap a wrinkly appearance so I ripped the stitching out. And I also omitted topstitching along the pocket, another place I thought it just didn't look right, at least for me.

Overall, I am happy with the end garment. My only gripe is the color. It's kind of boring to wear a navy jacket so it needs to be paired with a great blouse or some stand out bottoms. I keep picturing it in my head over a white summer dress- not that I have a white summer dress. Maybe that will have to be on my to do list...



  1. I think it looks great and even though it is a simple navy color, it will be fun to pair it with your bright patterned pieces underneath.

  2. Great little jacket. It looks bright blue on my screen rather than navy. I really like the color I see. Navy looks great with white, also orange and some shades of green. Lots of options!