Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pattern Review: Sweater Wrap

Butterick 5680
I was surprised to discover how incredibly easy and instantly gratifying this little wrap was to make! Who knew that there is only one pattern piece to this wrap? And... it only took an hour to complete?!?! (I made view D, shown in fuchsia).

I was drawn to this pattern because I love the lines of this sweater, especially the back where the seams come together- it's quite unique. I would never have guessed that it was one pattern piece that was creating those lines!

I used a blue sweater knit that I found at Joanne Fabrics which cost about $26. This is a little more than I usually spend but I really like the fabric. It's cozy without being too heavy. Plus after cutting out this wrap, I think I have enough left over for another sweater top. The pattern piece is long but not wide. You need the yardage for the length, but you will have a good amount left over in the width.

After cutting it out, I whipped it together in about an hour. I did take a shortcut however. I did not hem all the way around the neck, front, and bottom. I thought it actually looked cleaner, and less bulky when left unhemmed. You can get away with this when using a knit, as long as you cut your edges neatly. However, I did hem the sleeves- mostly to conceal the seam allowances in back.

I used a broach I already owned to fasten the fronts together. I've worn this twice now. Once I wore it open, without the broach. I think it looks great either way. It's an easy way to upgrade your jeans and t-shirt look by throwing this on!


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