Saturday, May 19, 2012

Progress Update, Pattern Pics, and a Gripe

So you haven't heard from me in a little while. That's not because I haven't been sewing. On the contrary... I'm more than half way done with my Spring/Summer 2012 wardrobe. I've sewn 9 tops and 1 bottom. I've held off on photos until I've made some more bottoms so I can show how all the outfits go together. We are leaving for a family vacation soon and will be gone for a week... I think a lot of my pictures will be taken there... so stay tuned! I know I'm late on this but here are some pattern picks from Simplicity and New Look for Summer. As with Spring... not overly impressed. Maybe my pattern collection is now so expansive that I don't see many patterns that I don't already have something like it. Or... maybe Simplicity, New Look, and the other big ones need to amp up their creativity! Just saying...

I love 6122 New Look!! I love the striped maxi with draped neckline. I went to the store to pick it up and it was sold out... apparently it's a popular one!

Next up is Simplicity 1801. Perhaps the orange hue is catching my eye but I love the shorter dress on the model. It cinches in at the waist which should be flattering too.

And finally is Simplicity 1803 which is a Project Runway Pattern. I love the otherwise sweet styles of the dress and then BAM! Love the cutout feature of the neckline! Sweet with a touch of sexy!

Last but not least a gripe. What's up with commenting on my blog only to solicit followers for your own blog?!?!? This is the reason that I've turned on comment moderation... it's becoming more and more frequent and I will not publish such comments. The latest one that I deleted went something like this: "Great blog! Want to follow each other?" Uh... no! I do not follow blogs for the sake of gaining followers on my own blog. I do follow blogs for another selfish reason though: you give me inspiration! And if I comment on your post, it's because I sincerely like what you have done and want to let you know! I don't post comments to drum up business for my own blog. Has anyone else experienced this?