Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Butterick 5348 Revisited

I originally made and blogged this dress a little over two years ago here. I had never actually worn it because it was just a bit too "little girl" looking for me.

What a difference a belt can make! I pulled the dress out and paired it with a belt and wedges which keeps it looking feminine but much more grown up looking. I'm inspired to see what a little accessorizing can do with other outfits too!

~ Jenny


  1. Loveyly sometimes little is more. Love the flowery fabric

  2. What a difference a belt makes! It really changes the look more than you would expect! It's a beautiful print, and I'm thinking I should pull my copy from the stash...

  3. The belt looks great with the dress, and the dress is very pretty and summery.

  4. The dress is great and I like the belt too. Isn't it wonderful when you re-visit things in your wardrobe and find new life for items previously dismissed?