Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shrug Top

Here's a quick and easy project to close out the warm weather sewing with.

I was so original with the choice of color (NOT)... I used a hot pink cotton knit from Joann Fabrics. If I make this top again, I would not use such a heavy knit. The neckline draping just doesn't have the desired affect as pictured on the model. A rayon jersey or ITY jersey probably would have been a better choice.
This was super easy to make, I spent less than 3 hours on the construction.
I don't know why, but in my opinion the Big 4 pattern companies do not do negative ease well. So if you have a knit pattern that you would like to fit snugly, you better size down. I ended up making a 14, 2 sizes smaller than the pattern recommends. I probably could have done a 12 and it would have been just a bit snugger without being too small.
While I'm not dieing over it, it is a cute top that I've worn a couple of times now. I may attempt it again with a drapier knit in the future.


  1. Love this top. It looks really nice and versatile. I mayhave to get that pattern.

  2. Fabulous! Great colour and the top is very flattering on you. It's too chilly for that lovely top here in Ontario but I'm glad to hear there are still nice days in your part of the world.

  3. The color looks great on you! I made a similar style with a Vogue pattern in a thicker knit as well and noticed that a drapier (spelling?) knit would be much better, too.

  4. That's very cute on you! it looks like an attached bolero.

  5. Glad I saw this- I actually picked this pattern up a bit back! It's out of season here, but I'll remember lighter knit is better. I think it looks great on you!


  6. Super cool top :)
    Visiting you from the draft along at Sewcountry chick.. - Diya

  7. Super cute top! I like the style and the color. It looks great on you. I think the neckline has a nice drape to it, but I see what you mean about a lighter weight knit.

  8. Wow this is such a pretty top looks fantastic on you. Thanks for pointing out this pattern!! The sleeves look really nice. Hopefully the lighter knit will work out even better!