Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Simplicity Cardigan, Version 2.0

This post will be short and sweet. I've already done a write up of this pattern here. I had purchased this zebra print knit fabric from I had originally intended to make a wrap dress out of it. However, as sometimes happens when one purchases fabrics online, the drape and weight of the fabric just wasn't what was expected. It is slightly sheer. It also has a terrible case of static cling, sticking to itself in one long log. It's actually quite comical to see.
But instead of letting the fabric go to waste or spending time and energy on returning it, I thought it would be great for another Simplicity 2603 cardigan. I actually really like the print and it worked up nicely for this cardigan. I spent a little over $14 for the fabric. I did a few things differently this go around. I lengthened to sleeve length to hit me at the wrists. I also left all of the hems unfinished.
I'm currently working on my entry for the "Little Black Dress Contest" on Pattern Review. It's almost done and I can't wait to show you. I think it may turn out to be one of the nicest things I've made myself so far in my sewing career and it should stand the test of time- a task every good LBD should do. After that, I will be drafting my basic t-shirt pattern for the Draft-Along I'm participating in.  
Enjoy the holidays and time with your family. I will be working on Thanksgiving- the hospital refuses to close down for the day- LOL.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Self Drafted A-Line Skirt

I've recently joined my first sew-a-long! I ordered Design It Yourself Clothes, Patternmaking Simplified by Cal Patch recently. I had just finished reading the book when Justine at Sew Country Chick announced she was doing a sew-a-long to draft patterns based on the projects in this book. I don't know how she read my mind but it was perfect timing!
The book is well written and takes you step by step through the drafting process. You start by making a library of patterns for basic garments. Once you have fine tuned and perfected your basic patterns, you can use these to add design elements to make a wardrobe of unique garments.
First up is the A-line Skirt! I can't tell you how easy this was to draft. It gave me a lot more confidence in drafting than I originally had. It actually has darts and a side zipper- not just your basic elastic waistband jobby!
I intended this version to be a muslin but I was very satisfied with the fit and ended up liking the fabric I used so finished it into a wearable garment. There are a few minor tweaks I will make to the next version but overall this turned out great.
I had drafted this to sit just above my navel. The skirt ended up being a bit wider in the waist than I intended so it sits just below my navel. So I will be nipping the waist in slightly next time. Also (for those of you in the sew-a-long who know what I'm talking about) Cal has you draft the waistband and hem so that it angles up at the side seams to account for your curves. I felt that the one inch additional angels were a bit much and unnecessary for my figure and I lopped them off.
Next up is a basic tee. We have just begun so if you are interested in joining it's not too late to start!