Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review 2013

I am particularly proud of my maternity collection that I sewed up this year. I only purchased two RTW items for my pregnancy which included a swimsuit and a camisole. Otherwise, it was all Byrdie Couture items for me. Most of the items are things I can continue to wear whilst not pregnant. And, on more than one occasion I was stopped by a stranger to ask me where I got such cute maternity clothes!

It always surprises me what people take a liking to. This striped dress was probably my easiest make and the most complimented.

This maxi dress was worn several times throughout my pregnancy.
These super easy sundresses always fetched me at least one compliment when I wore them.
While most of the year was consumed with maternity appropriate clothes, I managed to squeeze in a few non-maternity makes as well.
Of course there's the most recent Archer. I've already made a second that I need to photograph.
I love the animal print trio I did in January including my Minoru jacket.
I love this black and white heart print blouse and am debating if I need another one.
Not to toot my own horn but I didn't have very many failed garments this year. However, there were a couple that went straight to the Goodwill pile. I didn't even blog about them. I had purchased Megan Nielsen's maternity survival kit which included four patterns. Two of them worked out well- the Ruched Maternity Skirt and the Ruched T-Shirt. However, the Wrapped Maternity Top made me look like a stuffed sausage/mummy. And the Rie Top was not flattering on my body in the least. I'm not blaming the designer- I've seen both designs work out great for other people. They just didn't suit me.
I've been better about this in the last couple of years but I used to sew a lot of crap just to make things. I ended up with a closet full of mediocre things that I would never wear. In fact, I just recently went through a major purge of stuff that I knew I would never wear.
In the spirit of the New Year, here are some of my goals/inspiration:
  1.  I want to sew a French couture jacket (a.k.a. the Chanel knock-off). I've already started collecting books and doing research. I've got my fabric picked out.
  2. The blog is getting a new look. I am currently collaborating with a website designer and the new look should be debuted within the next week or two.
  3. I've become a sewcialist! I'm now on Twitter and Instagram. I've been on Facebook but have kept sewing out of it up until recently. I don't have a page dedicated to my blog but I am posting sewing related stuff. I've discovered tons of other blogs to follow from Twitter. The new blog will have all of my social buttons up so that you can follow me more easily. You can find me on Twitter @byrdiecouture.
  4. I want to continue to be more thoughtful about what I sew, concentrating on things that I will love to wear and that will work well into my wardrobe. This last year I focused more on finishing techniques and I really think this took my garments to the next level.
  5. Are you fasting? I am. I've taken the RTW fast challenge initiated by Goodbye Valentino.
  6. On that note, I really need to conquer sewing pants and jeans. I think I will sign up for some online classes to help. I've sewn these items before but they never turn out great.
That's just a few of the ideas I've got stored up. I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Grainline Archer in Chambray

My inner dialogue:
"Why is everyone going nuts over this Archer pattern? It's just a button-up shirt people. Get over it!"
months later...
"Hey, you know what might look really good with that one skirt you've never worn?"
"What's that?"
"A button-up shirt in chambray."
"That's a good idea. You could use that Burda pattern you used to make your flannel shirt again."
"True, true. Or I could try that Archer pattern from Grainline Studio and finally see what all the hub-bub is about."
"Do it!"

Yes, it's all true. I actually scoffed at the cult following that the Archer received. However, things changed recently when I did a major purge of my closet. I went through everything and got rid of things that were no longer my style, or things that don't fit and ain't gonna anytime soon. During the process, I found some gems that I had forgotten, including this skirt. I won this skirt on Ebay many moons ago- I'm talking 6-7 years. I fell in love with the shape, print, and sequin accents. But alas, I've never worn it because I could never pair it with the right shirt.
I got the idea of the chambray from Jessica Quirk of What I Wore. I've been following her for years and have always been green with envy admired her for the way she styles her outfits. The chambray shirt is one of her staples. She wears it alone, layers it with other pieces, and quite frequently pairs it with fancier skirts.
You guys don't need a full review of the Archer as it has been done a thousand times before me (hey, I'm slow to catch on sometimes). But I will sum it up. This is one of the most well drafted indie sewing patterns that I've worked with. Everything went together perfectly. The instructions are clear. Jen did a great sewalong. I'm not new to sewing button-up shirts but I still learned some new tricks after perusing the sewalong links.
The chambray fabric is from my stash- probably from Joann Fabrics. I'm totally in love with this shirt. I did not want to take it off- it is so comfortable! It has just the right amount of ease. It's quite versatile. I wore this out to lunch with my family with skinny jeans and flats after the photo shoot. My husband promises to take me somewhere nice to show off my skirt!
Like many before me, I will declare the Archer's praises and proclaim that I too want to fill my closet with many versions of this wardrobe staple!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

American Burda Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Aminat from Sew Fit!
You are the winner of the Winter issue of the American Burda Style Magazine! I don't see your email address on your site or profile, so please email me your mailing address to the address on the right and I will get your magazine in the mail right away!
Check out Aminat's blog for more sewing inspiration! She always makes very stylish and modern garments.
Thank you to all who entered! The winner was chosen at random using the number generator at Random.org.

Friday, November 29, 2013

American Burda Magazine Giveaway

Today I have the Winter issue of the American version of Burda Style magazine to give away.

I had subscribed to the translated, monthly version of Burda Style for about two years. I stopped for several reasons. The first is the price tag. A yearly subscription runs about $80. Sure, each issue is packed full of patterns and if you end up sewing several items from each issue, the price works itself out. I wasn't doing that though.

The second reason I stopped subscribing was for the repeated, basic designs. If you subscribe long enough, you will see a revolving cycle of military and safari looks.
However, I have missed receiving the magazine. Amongst the repeated designs, there were some gems to be found. Plus Burda has more on point trends and a contemporary fit than many of the Big 4, in my opinion.
So I picked up the first copy of the American version... and I like what I saw. Yes, there are some military inspired designs to be had, but there are plenty of other styles I like too. One of the best parts is that the patterns included in the magazine actually have seam allowances included! No more tracing the pattern off plus adding seam allowances on top of that! There are some designs that are not included in the magazine. You have to go to the Burda website to download them for free. These patterns will not include seam allowances. There is a nice plus size section included as well. While you only receive 4 issues a year, the price is easier for me to swallow at $25.
I subscribed to the magazine and the first issue I received was the Winter issue that I already had so I am giving that away to one of you!
Now, if you are currently a subscriber to the translated version, I have a disclaimer. Apparently you probably own many of the patterns that are included in the American version. However, if you are a former subscriber or are new to Burda Style all together, then you will want to check this out.
So if you would like to get your hands on this copy here is the down low. Be a follower of my blog with your choice of reader (BlogLovin, Feedly, Blogger, etc.). Leave me a comment on this post. I will keep the giveaway open until December 7th until midnight, MST. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please be sure I can find your email address to contact you if you have won! Good luck! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black and White Ensemble

I have three items to review today, starting with this white jacket. I've had this in my "to do" pile since I endeavored to sew up a capsule wardrobe for my Spring/Summer 2012 project. This was the last item left. I kept putting it off because I am lazy! I was dreading having to cut all the little pieces of fabric, lining, and interfacing. Well I finally bit the bullet and conquered it and I am very happy with the end result.
McCalls 5525 (OOP)
I had a difficult time deciding which view to make. I wanted a simple white jacket with the double breasted styling. I ended up going with view C, pictured in bottom right corner, but without all of the trench coat features. I kept the sleeve band.
I cut a size smaller than recommended by my measurements as usual in the Big 4. This was perfect- I got a nice, form fitting silhouette.
I used a white cotton twill for the shell and polyester lining. I splurged on the buttons. I really loved this vintage inspired leaf print button. I thought it would look great against the white jacket. Also, this was the first time I put shoulder pads in a jacket! I usually avoid them having grown up in the 80's and 90's when shoulder pads resembled something you would see on a football field. After reading up on the subject of shoulder pads, I decided to give them a try. I really like the subtle shape and structure they provide to the jacket.
Though there are many steps to the construction, I didn't run into any steps that I had a particularly hard time with. I love it! It's a nice medium weight jacket that I can wear throughout the year.
"I wonder if the neighbor will notice that I'm standing in her front yard taking pictures by her roses?"

Next up are the blouse and pants. After delivering my daughter, I needed some drawstring slacks that were more forgiving while I work on losing the maternity weight. I was drawn to this pattern for that reason. I also loved the blouse pattern. It is loose and floaty. I love the feminine features of the bodice and sleeve gathering.
Vogue 1367
 I am loving the blouse! I used this fabulous black and white print crepe de chine from my stash. I had purchased it from Gorgeous Fabrics. Looks like it is sold out now. The fabric sewed up like a dream. It wears like silk though. I think I'll be making at least one more blouse from this pattern. It sewed up quickly and easily.
I'm on the fence with the pants. They have some great styling features including topstitching, a mock fly zipper, and a shaped hem. I used a stretch RPL that I found at Joann fabrics in their suiting section. I went with the size the pattern recommended but they aren't as loose fitting as I had hoped- at least on my body. But they are a nice style if you want a semi-fitted, ankle length pant.  
I am currently hammering out some holiday gift sewing but will be back to selfish sewing soon!  
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Kiddie Parade

First off, here is our latest bundle of joy, Parker Michelle.

She was born on October 12, about 3 weeks early. She weighed in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces and was 19 1/2inches long.
Mommy and the rest of the family are doing well. My old routine of sewing when my eldest goes to sleep has been derailed by our newest addition. By the time they both go to sleep, Mommy is ready to pass out too! I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things as sleeping habits get better.
I was able to complete the majority of Logan's Halloween costume before Parker was born.  He was a cowboy this year.

I used McCalls 2851 for his vest and chaps. Both were insanely easy! I purchased both fabrics from Joann Fabrics, from their costume fabric section.
Prepster Pullover
I also made the chambray shirt under the vest using a PDF pattern from Blank Slate Patterns. First off, I've neglected sewing for my son mostly because the sewing pattern industry is geared toward little girls in the kiddie department. I was excited to stumble upon Blank Slate Patterns. They have a large selection of little boy patterns that are actually very cool! Secondly, this is my first experience with a downloaded pattern. It really wasn't all of the horrible things that I've read it could be! The printed pattern was taped together quickly and easily. I traced off Logan's size and the rest was cake! I recommend Blank Slate Patterns also for the instructions. The instructions literally take you step by step and are fully illustrated with photos.
That's all for now. I'm currently working on a lined jacket for myself. More to come soon!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Striped Maternity Dress

Another quick and easy maternity dress! This time I used McCalls 6612- NOT a maternity pattern. However, because this is a knit dress, it accommodated my swelling bump without adjustments.
I used a blue and green jersey I purchased at Joann Fabrics earlier in the Spring. You can't see it very well in the photo but there is a thin metallic thread running between each stripe which is a nice touch. I spent $22 on fabric.

When sewing garments made for knits with the Big 4, I usually go with 2 sizes smaller than what is recommended by the envelope. However, I only sized down by 1 size below my PRE-pregnant measurements and this worked out well.

The dress is fast and easy. I finished the neckline with seam binding- which was the only change I made.

I am really happy with this dress. It is comfortable and easy to wear- yet you still look a little more dressed up than typical maternity casual RTW. When I wore this out the first time, I received several compliments from friends. I was also stopped by a stranger who told me she was looking for cute maternity wear but couldn't find anything and wanted to know where I got my dress from! Another plus is that this will still work next year when I'm not pregnant!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Floral Maternity Top

I've only a few more maternity projects to show you and then I'm on to my Fall/post-maternity sewing!
I used Kwik Sew 3487 for this top. It's a pretty run of the mill design as far as maternity wear is concerned. The top has a faux wrap bodice with a attached tie belt.
I used an ITY floral print jersey from the stash that I had purchased from Fabric.com sometime ago.
This is my first time using a Kwik Sew pattern. I sewed a large based off of my early second trimester measurements. It turned out a bit big, especially in the bust area. I probably should have done a medium.
It was very easy to sew and the instructions were straight forward. I didn't make any adjustments or design changes.
The V-neck is a bit low. In fact I have mine safety pinned together a few inches above where it starts for modesty.
Overall, it's a very comfortable top that was easy to make. It works very well for maternity purposes and could be made up in a variety of prints and colors.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Side Tie Maternity Tank

Here's another maternity top for you and it's perfect for Summer. I used Burda 7104. This maternity pattern is for tanks with four different design variations and a pull-on knit skirt. I made view D which has drawstrings to ruche up the sides.

I used a cotton jersey print from Mood. I love this mod, geometric print and the shades of blues and greens. I used cheap ribbon that you can buy on the spool at any craft shop for the drawstrings.

This was very easy to sew. It took me less than 2 hours at the machine. The only change I made was to use seam binding to finish the armholes. I sewed the size the pattern recommended based off of my pre-maternity measurements.
I'm very happy with this top. It was easy to make and is fun to wear!
For those of you who are actually looking into making maternity clothes for yourself or others, I will make a short disclosure on two patterns that did not work for me. I rarely write posts on wadders because what's the fun in reading about them? But it can be helpful to read about other people's struggles to avoid them yourself. I had purchased the Maternity Survival Pack from Megan Nielsen which included the Rie Dress & Top pattern. I loved the design lines of this pattern. It's basically just a pull over top or dress with some upper bust gathering. I made mine into a sleeveless tank version. I made the largest size possible because I have found that Megan's patterns seem to run a little small on me. Unfortunately this pattern just didn't work for me. Despite going up a size, the bust area was far too tight on me- and I'm not particularly well endowed in that area! I could slip the top on but it pulled and tugged across the bust in a very unflattering way. So just double check the pattern against your measurements if you decide to make this one. Also, I purchased a Favorite Things pattern called Summer Time. This looked super cute on the pattern envelope and it states it can accommodate the maternity bump. There was plenty of room for the bump. My version just didn't come out looking quite as cute as the one on the envelope. I made the sleeveless one. The top has some bias seams so perhaps mine were stretched and distorted. It came out very long in the length and droopy in the neckline and armholes.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Maternity Tank and Pencil Skirt

This will be a quickie post as I've already reviewed both of these patterns before here.
I used the same ruched t-shirt pattern from Megan Neilsen. I left the sleeves off for a tank style this time. Also, I graded up to the next largest size for a little more room. I used a black rayon jersey from unknown origin that had been hanging around my stash for awhile.
For the skirt, I added about 4 inches to the length to make a longer pencil skirt version. I used a gray double knit from Fabric.com. Looks like this specific fabric is no longer available.
These photos were taken at 23 weeks pregnant. More than half way there... yay! I only plan on making half a dozen more maternity garments before I start planning on my Fall/Winter, post-pregnancy sewing. I'm looking forward to the change of pace!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Mod Maternity Dress

Have you ever ordered fabric online that was absolutely fugo when you got it but you were too lazy to return it? That was this fabric for me. It has sat in my stash for several years. It is an ITY print that I had purchased online (I don't want to say where because it really wasn't their fault). It just wasn't what I had expected so I told myself I would make some pajamas out of it one day so it didn't go to waste.

While browsing through my pattern collection, the fabric spoke to me when I came to Vogue 1179. I thought the dress would look really fab in a mod sort of way made up with my pink and black nightmare fabric. And I think it does!
The pattern is another non-maternity design that still works great for The Bump. Mine is 19 weeks at this point. I didn't make any alterations to the fit. In fact, I cut my usual 2 sizes smaller than the pattern recommends based on my pre-pregnancy measurements. I do this for almost all knit designs by the Big 4 pattern companies because, in my opinion, they allow too much ease for knit pieces.
The dress was super easy to make. I think I whipped it up in less than 2 hours (not including cutting). I made some minor changes to the construction. Instead of a narrow hem on the arms, I finished these with seam binding. Also, the instructions would have you sew one side of the collar to the dress, then press down the seam allowance on the other side and hand sew this in place. I suppose this would make for a very clean look but I found it much easier to just fold the collar piece in half with wrong sides facing and sew it all to the neckline at once. I then did my faux- overlock stitch using my standard machine to finish the edges. No one knows the difference from the outside so this was a good time saving move for me. Also, I was worried the dress might be too short because The Bump tends to hike things up a bit. So I did a 1 1/2 inch hem instead of the 4 inches the pattern allows.
I'm very happy with this dress. I received several compliments the first time I wore this. It's very comfortable while pregnant- and it's another one that I can wear after pregnancy too.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Maternity Top and Capri

More maternity... can you stand it?

For starters I made this top using pattern #104 from Burda Style magazine, 05/2010 issue. It's actually not a maternity top but has plenty of volume in the belly area to accommodate the growing bump. Although I do have a handful of projects using maternity specific patterns to make, I'm leaning toward the non-maternity patterns that still work for the bump. I know I'll still be able to get wear from these garments even after the baby is born.
This pattern is rated "easy to sew" and I would agree. I wish I could put up a picture of the line drawing- the design lines don't photograph well in this print. The top has a deep v-neck, with several lines of shirring in front to create a very pretty gathered look. It's also what gives this top the volume you will need if you are expecting. I did not make any pattern adjustments or changes.
The fabric is a lightweight, gauzy piece from my stash. It may actually be the oldest piece of fabric I own. It's been in the pile for at least 10 years, maybe more. I really like it, but never found the right design to pair it with. I do love how it looks done up in this top- it's just the right amount of sheerness for warm weather.
I made some minor changes to the construction of the top. Instead of cutting a bias strip to finish the neckline, I used seam binding (only because I ran out of fabric... lol). It worked out great though. I did french seams. I did a very narrow designer hem instead of a typical narrow hem. Also, I sewed in the elastic for the shirring AFTER attaching the bodice to the bottom front. The instructions would have you sew in the elastic before you attach these two pieces but that didn't make much sense to me.
I am very pleased with this top. I love the feminine lines and it is very comfortable to wear. I hope to make at least one more this season.
Next up are the denim capris. I used Burda Style 7165 (envelope pattern). This is also rated "easy to sew" and I would agree. Of course it is more time consuming than the top but nothing too difficult to sew.
This pattern is a maternity pattern, with a stretchy knit belly band to grow with you.
I used a nice stretch denim I had purchased online. Unfortunately I have a few pieces of denim in my stash and I do not remember exactly where this one was ordered from. It is a very dark blue. I used a ribbed knit for the belly band. The topstitching is done in a contrasting, heavy duty thread for a more RTW look.
I'm not so happy with how these capris turned out but I think I can deal with them for the next four or five months. My major complaint is that the designer(s) of this pattern obviously did not test the attached belly band out or think it through. The pattern pieces for the belly band do not have any negative ease- so the band is loose and serves no purpose in keeping the pants on. I think four inches off per side- 8 total to give some negative ease. I stretched the band during sewing to fit the pants. The fit was better but probably could have been taken in some more. The first time I wore these, the band had stretched out midday and I was constantly tugging them up to keep them from slipping down. So, if you venture to make these, definitely play with the fit of the band before sewing it into the pant.
Other than that snafu- they are a decent pair of capris. I would recommend testing out the back pocket placement too. I don't think mine look quite right (didn't think to get a butt shot for you- sorry to disappoint). But most maternity tops are longer and cover the pockets anyways so I didn't bother to adjust them.
Love the top... the capris- not so much.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Pair of Sundresses

This isn't really sewing... it's cheating. But after seeing the always stylish Mimi G's version, I knew I had to have one... or two.

I have to admit, after being exposed to the vast variety of quality apparel fabrics that are available online, I've become somewhat of a fabric snob. I do still score some fabric finds from time to time at Joann Fabrics, but more often than not I just go there for my notions and patterns. They have carried these pre-shirred fabrics for years. I've never given them a second look because they usually have a more juvenile appeal in length and print. However, this season they have introduced a maxi length version in some great prints. Last time I checked they had four prints available in this length. They are a bit pricey- but you really don't need much in yardage. You just need enough to wrap around your body with a few inches extra for straps. In the end you still get a bargain compared to a shirred maxi dress that you would find in the RTW stores.
So I cut the width four inches smaller than my high bust measurement. Then I sewed the back seam using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. This makes for a circumference that is 5 inches smaller than the high bust. It is comfortable to wear without any slippage.
I had to take up the hem about 3 to 4 inches. I'm 5' 4",  so even taller girls can get a maxi length dress with this fabric.
Each dress took me about an hour to complete.
I have worn the blue and green version out once and received tons of compliments, even from strangers! Not bad for an instantly gratifying project that's practically sewn for you already. Plus- this is totally maternity appropriate. There is plenty of volume in the midsection to allow for a growing belly. Mine is 15 weeks in these pictures.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all who participated in the Shabby Apply Giveaway!
I used my high tech random winner selector as demonstrated below.

Congratulations Grace!!! You are the winner of the giveaway. I have emailed you and the rep from Shabby Apple so you should hear from them soon!
More sewing on the way. Neither the weather or my photographer's schedule has been on my side this week so I have not been able to take pictures yet. Hopefully within the next few days!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Last Day of Giveaway

If you haven't entered the Shabby Apple Giveway, today is your last chance to do so. You could win a $50 giftcard to use on some really cute vintage inspired clothing and accessories!
You have until midnight tonight, MST to enter.
To enter, go to the original post to read requirements and leave your comments.
Good luck!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pantone Color Challenge

First off, let's get the pink elephant out of the way. I'm 13 weeks pregnant today! I've been leery to announce it on the blog up until this point. Today we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time though, and the baby sounds nice and healthy! Up until now I haven't made clothing specifically for maternity but I have been focusing on clothes that can accommodate my growing belly.
Onto the clothes...
I've never been one to follow color trends in previous seasons but Pantone's Spring 2013 Fashion Colors has really inspired many of my recent fabric purchases. So when Pattern Review announced a contest based on this season's Pantone colors, I knew I was up for the challenge. In short, the participant must create a two piece look showcasing the Spring 2013 Pantone colors.
I used two patterns, both from Megan Nielsen's maternity line. I had actually used some birthday money to splurge on the Maternity Survival Pack. I've collected several maternity patterns but I really like Megan Nielsen's designs. Instead of extra roomy pop-up tents, she really tries to accentuate the belly without compromising on style or comfort.
The top is made using the Ruched Maternity T-shirt pattern. This style is an absolute staple in a pregnant woman's wardrobe. I have a couple of RTW tees I had purchased during my first pregnancy and I wore this style to death. It's nice to have a pattern to make unique versions that you can't find in all of the maternity departments.
I used rayon jerseys, both purchased from MoodFabrics.com. My color inspiration was "Tender Shoots: 14-0446" for the green and "Dusk Blue: 16-4120" for the blue. My initial idea was to hack the front pattern piece up and run a band of the green fabric across the bust... so cliche! I did a search to see what others had done with the pattern and found this adorable version. I liked that the front and back of the top were made of two different fabrics. The look was much more fresh in my opinion and easier than hacking up a pattern piece.
The top was very easy to construct. The instructions are very easy to follow. I love the end result! I know I will be making more of these in the next few months. In her instructions, Megan also shows how the pattern can be lengthened to make a dress and I think that's what I will be doing next when I make this up again.
Next up is the Ruched Maternity Skirt. This pattern is not for those who wish to downplay the bump! It accentuates every bump and curve! My color inspiration was "Monaco Blue: 19-3964". I had a difficult time finding a heavier knit that would both work for the skirt and be close enough to my inspiration color. I scoured high and low online and in stores and finally stumbled upon this knit at Joann Fabrics. It's actually a tubular ribbed knit. But it is both heavy enough for the skirt and was very close to Monaco Blue.
This was also a fast and easy project. After reading some reviews, I decided to go up one size. The skirt is very form fitting and I wanted to make sure I could wear it well into the second and maybe third trimester. I think the extra size gives me a little more room to play with but doesn't look too big or baggy. Although I bemoan having to gain weight, I love rocking the bump and this skirt lets me do just that!
I'm really excited to see how every one's projects turned out. There's already some beautiful outfits up in the gallery now. Voting begins May 3- be sure to check it out!
Also, if you haven't done so already, head over to the April Giveaway to enter to win a Shabby Apple gift card! You may enter until midnight April 30th.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Maxi Tank Dress

Sorry for the long silence over here. My last project (not blogged) left me defeated and sucked up my sewing mojo for a few weeks. It's dull and boring so I don't feel like blogging it.

Although the temperatures can't decide if it's Winter or Spring around here- I'm jumping into my warm weather sewing.
This dress was super fast and easy. I think it took me about 2.5 hours after cutting it out. There's really nothing to it. Just 2 pieces and minimal seams.
I used a jersey from GorgeousFabrics.com. Unfortunately it looks like it is sold out. I love the pretty earth tones in the print.
I made view D, the version pictured on the model. FYI... the envelope is a little deceiving unless you are good at paying attention to details- which apparently I am not. I assumed all of the views had the slight racer-back style which is what I had wanted. However, only upon closer inspection did I realize that it is view E and F that have the racer-back. I didn't even notice this until I had it all sewed up so there was no point in going back.
The pattern instructions would have you do a narrow hem on the neckline and arms. Whenever I attempt this on knits, it does not turn out well for me. It ends up looking sloppy and homemade. Instead, I finished these edges with seam binding.
I cut one size smaller than the pattern recommended- my usual adjustment. I did have to cut about 3 inches off the length to avoid stepping on the hem. My one complaint is the neckline ends up being a little too wide and/or low on me. When wearing a normal bra, I had to constantly hike up the dress so my bra wasn't showing. I will need to wear a tank under the dress to remedy this. Just something you may need to consider if your bust is on the smaller side.
Overall, I am happy with the finished dress. It is easy to wear, comfortable, and looks great!
Don't forget to checkout the Shabby Apple Giveaway! It is open until the end of April.