Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jungle Boogie Dress

At first I was Jungle Crazed. Then I had a case of  Jungle Fever. Now I want to do the Jungle Boogie! I hadn't intended on making a trilogy of animal prints but after the first two, I figured three is always better.
I used McCalls 6278 to make this little number. I had stumbled upon this stretch cotton sateen fabric from and knew it would be great in this color block dress. I used a stretch black sateen for the solid color and white Ambiance lining, both from as well. I spent about $40 to make this dress.
Although the dress was tedious to make, it was relatively easy. You see how the black fabric comes down in points on either hip? Those could present a challenge to some. The pattern instructions would have you attempt to sew this inset all in one seam, pivoting at the corners. This is what worked for me: sew one straight edge up to a point. Take the dress out, repin the next edge and sew from where you just left off to the next point, and so forth. It really was much more easier this way and created those nice sharp edges. The pain in the neck part: the lining is cut from the same pattern and so must be pieced together in the same way as the body. It would be much easier if the lining had it's own, basic pattern pieces in the shape of the dress.
I am happy with the end result. This dress is a little more form fitting and short than I usually go for but it's fun to wear. The hubby loves it! By the way, I did not make any alterations to size or length. If you are taller than 5'4", check out the length of the dress on the model. If you want this to be longer, you will need to add some length.