Friday, November 29, 2013

American Burda Magazine Giveaway

Today I have the Winter issue of the American version of Burda Style magazine to give away.

I had subscribed to the translated, monthly version of Burda Style for about two years. I stopped for several reasons. The first is the price tag. A yearly subscription runs about $80. Sure, each issue is packed full of patterns and if you end up sewing several items from each issue, the price works itself out. I wasn't doing that though.

The second reason I stopped subscribing was for the repeated, basic designs. If you subscribe long enough, you will see a revolving cycle of military and safari looks.
However, I have missed receiving the magazine. Amongst the repeated designs, there were some gems to be found. Plus Burda has more on point trends and a contemporary fit than many of the Big 4, in my opinion.
So I picked up the first copy of the American version... and I like what I saw. Yes, there are some military inspired designs to be had, but there are plenty of other styles I like too. One of the best parts is that the patterns included in the magazine actually have seam allowances included! No more tracing the pattern off plus adding seam allowances on top of that! There are some designs that are not included in the magazine. You have to go to the Burda website to download them for free. These patterns will not include seam allowances. There is a nice plus size section included as well. While you only receive 4 issues a year, the price is easier for me to swallow at $25.
I subscribed to the magazine and the first issue I received was the Winter issue that I already had so I am giving that away to one of you!
Now, if you are currently a subscriber to the translated version, I have a disclaimer. Apparently you probably own many of the patterns that are included in the American version. However, if you are a former subscriber or are new to Burda Style all together, then you will want to check this out.
So if you would like to get your hands on this copy here is the down low. Be a follower of my blog with your choice of reader (BlogLovin, Feedly, Blogger, etc.). Leave me a comment on this post. I will keep the giveaway open until December 7th until midnight, MST. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please be sure I can find your email address to contact you if you have won! Good luck! 


  1. Hmmmmm.....I probably won't win, as I am the first commenter, but I would like to! I haven't found a Burda magazine here where I live, and I would like to look at a few before I decide whether or not I would subscribe. Oh, and I follow you through Feedly. Thanks!

  2. How interesting - an American version! Can you please count me in if this giveaway?

    Like you, I used to subscribe but stopped when I realized I wasn't sewing enough of the patterns up vs the subscription cost. I still use my magazines for inspiration though and to see how different fabrics look sewn up!

  3. This is a lovely giveaway. I cant subscribe to these magazine because of price and shipping costs ! Would love to see and make from a burda magazine count me in for the giveaway Jenny:) I follow via bloglovin..

  4. I follow in feedly. I used to subscribe to Burda but found I didn't trace off enough patterns!

  5. An American version? I am intrigued! I'd love the chance to win a copy. I follow via feedly. Many thanks!

  6. I've never seen any Burda magazine where I live … I don't think we have any …
    But I'm wondering if tracing the overlapped patterns is hard to do or nothing more than printing and taping the pdf files I usually buy from …. and having to add seam allowances after that …

    Anyway, thanks for the chance and I follow your blog via bloglovin …


  7. I am already a follower. Hope I win

  8. Count me in! I stopped subscribing two years ago and have missed it. American Burda has seam allowances - even better.

  9. I hear you on all the reasons for letting your subscription lapse, but would love to be in the running for this giveaway. Thanks!

  10. I follow you via Feedly. I really like Burda, but haven't made much by them.