Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Colette Laurel in Ponte Floral

Long time, no see! For those of you who missed the first story, or want an update... I've been scarce lately because I'm in graduate school to become a nurse practitioner. I still work full-time as a nurse, and have two small children. Studying means late nights, after the kids go to sleep. I'm about half way done with my program- a little over a year left to go.  I haven't been able to sew anywhere near as much as I want to. I've started to designate one night a week to sewing so hopefully I can be a little more productive now. And blogging the projects is a production as well. Right now the kids are parked in front of the tv while I ignore their demands distracted.
I first made the Colette Laurel in an underlined black eyelet. Still one of my favorites! I love the easy shape and always get compliments whenever I wear it.
I decided to make a second one in a floral ponte knit. I got this one through Girl Charlee Fabrics. Looks like this print is sold out but they have other lovely options.
I won't write a full review, just click back to my first one. For this version, I added an inch or so to the length. I also omitted the back zipper (only after sewing half of it in and then realizing I didn't need a zipper with the knit-doh!).
I really like how this version came out. It's perfect in the cooler months with boots and tights. I can wear it in Spring/Summer with sandals. And I don't think I'm done with this pattern yet! It's so classic, easy to wear, and can be done in many different fabrics.