Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Maritime Shorts and a Renfrew

It is quickly getting warm around these parts, and I desperately needed a well-fitting pair of shorts. I've shed some weight over the last few years and many of my shorts have quickly taken on the dreaded "mom" look. I'm no longer actively participating in a RTW fast. However, since fasting all of last year, I've become more critical of the things I buy in stores. I've become more aware of quality workmanship, or the lack thereof. Simply put, I can make things that are better fitting, and of higher quality than the things I can find in stores on the same budget. This was true of finding a perfect pair of shorts.
I used a dark blue, stretch denim that I had in my stash. I couldn't tell you where or when I got it, other than I know it came from an online purchase. I do recommend the stretch as these are a close fitting pair of shorts.
I haven't had the greatest luck with making pants or shorts in the past. I came across the Grainline Maritime Shorts pattern. The pattern had all of the details I was looking for. After a quick Google search, I found several cute, well-fitting pairs on other women. So I decided to give it a go.
These went together quickly and without any hiccups. The instructions are adequate. There is a tutorial available on Jen's blog where she shows you step by step how to complete them.
I chose the size according to my measurements on the size chart. As far as fit, I did not have to make any changes. They fit great around the waist and hips. For personal taste, and for a more flattering look on myself, I added enough length to give me a 5 inch inseam. The hook and eye closure on the waistband lasted one wearing before popping off. So I added a buttonhole and jeans button for a sturdier closure.
My final verdict: the perfect pair of summer shorts! They are well-fitting and flattering. I seem to always have rear-view issues but these really are flattering from all angles. They have received repeated wear already. I will have to make another couple of pairs for some variety.
I paired this with my latest Renfrew Top from Sewaholic Patterns. I think this is my favorite style: short sleeved, with a V-neck. My summer uniform! I used a cotton/lycra print from Girl Charlee. This particular print does not appear to be in stock anymore. This is my 5th version so I won't do a full review. But you can check out my other versions:
And while we are on the subject of knit tops, I recently purchased a Brother serger machine. I got the DZ1234, which as far as I can tell is the same as the 1034D, but came with some extra feet. Holy moly, I never knew what I was missing out on! After about an hour of getting to know my new serger, I was ready to get going on the Renfrew. My top went together in about half the time I was used to. There were no tension or other stitching issues. AND... My top is more comfortable to wear! This I was not expecting but it only makes sense. The stitches are made to give and stretch, allowing for a more flexible, comfortable top. I really don't know what I was waiting for other than a little thing called money... lol!