Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sewaholic Nicola Dress, Version 2

Hello friends! I am excited to post another project. Believe it or not, I actually have 10 finished garments that I need to post; however, I haven't found the time to take pictures of them. I am hoping I can get my husband to do a weekly, or even bi-monthly photo session so I can post more often. 

Before I get into the dress, I want to vent about some shopping stress that only sewcialists can relate to. If you've read previous posts (and thank you if you have), you know that I have made some changes in my career and will be transitioning from wearing scrubs to "business casual" for the medical office setting. For several months I have been focusing my sewing efforts on my work wardrobe. However, I have also been shopping for some ready to wear items to fill in some gaps and continue to build my work wardrobe. It's been much more difficult than I thought. I've been sewing the majority of my clothes for the last few years so had been out of the department stores for quite some time. I've been very discouraged by what I've been seeing so far. Much of the clothing within my price range is just poorly made! Cheap fabric, cheap closures, ill fitting. If I shop above my price comfort zone, it is difficult for me to justify spending at least $100 for a dress that I know I could make for $30 and of equal (or better) quality. 

I made the jacket in my profile picture for about $20. It is cotton seersucker, has a partial lining, bound seam allowances and shoulder pads. I love it- need to wear it more often! I made this jacket back in 2012- however, I saw at least 3 similar jackets of equal or lesser quality for about $100 during my recent shopping expeditions. It just makes me really love sewing even more when I think about what we can do with it! Now there are two stores (one company) that I can never go wrong at: Ann Taylor and Loft. Although their price points are a bit higher, they put on some decent sales. Plus, I am willing to pay more for the quality of fabric and styles. The quality is great. I have slacks from Loft that I've had for 8 years that look just as good as when I first purchased them. 

My husband loves to cut feet off in pictures! Details that only I notice. 

Alright already, back to the dress. I've made the Sewaholic Nicola dress before. I just love the fit and the design details. I knew I had to make one for the warmer weather. 

This time I used a daisy print rayon from an Etsy seller. I bought 4 yards for $20, then buttons and elastic.

There are quite a few steps to sewing this dress but nothing that is difficult. Sewaholic offers great instructions with their patterns. 

I did not make any alterations- sewed the size recommended by my measurements. They are designed for pear shapes- yeah for my curvy hips and big booty! But if you are less curvy, you may need to adjust accordingly. I think this design is universally flattering though- with its flowy design and waist cinching.

This was another winner for me! It is easy to wear and will look great in the office- maybe with a cardigan thrown over it. 

Do you still shop ready to wear? Where do you find your favorite things?