Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Best Halloween ever!! And probably the last one that I will ever make costumes for the entire family!! In reality, by the time next year rolls around, I will have forgotten the horrors of making four unique costumes in about a week's time (what can I say? I procrastinate), and will do it all over again. 

Let's start with the cute ones, shall we? 

Princess Leia was the easiest to make, hand's down. The white dress is a Little Girl's Skater Dress from Kitschy-Coo patterns. I used a white ponte knit. I lengthened the pattern by a couple of inches. It came together quickly and easily. For her belt, I used a silver metallic cotton blend and simply made a tube belt and glued some squares I made on top. Done! 

For Master Yoda, I used New Look 6170, a pajama pattern for the pants a shirt. These were made of a brown flannel. For the cape, I used Simplicity 1037. I made the cape using a linen blend fabric. I shortened the sleeves a bit. Not too bad so far. Bonus- the kid loves to wear the pajamas as pajamas!

Next, on to the adults. 

Kylo Ren, my husband! I used McCall's 7422 for this monstrosity. Actually, it really wasn't too bad to sew, but is a big fabric eater. There is a lined coat and lined surcoat. Accessories include the faux leather belt and the hood. I either was not paying well enough attention to the instructions, or the instructions were wrong in a few places. If I attached the lining as directed, I would not be able to turn inside out. I sort of did my own thing. The hood is made of linen. The coat is gabardine and lining. The surcoat is broadcloth and lining fabric. 

And finally, our heroine- Ray. I used McCall's 7421. This included a shirt, pants, tabard, gauntlets, and a belt. What the heck is a tabard or a gauntlet? This one was not difficult to sew but tedious. I found the instructions to be fine on this one. The shirt and gauntlets are made from an off-white jersey. Pants are a brown ponte. Tabard is tan gauze. Belt is faux leather. 

I cut corners where I could. If you allow yourself one week to make four costumes, you got to do what you got to do. I avoided hems where possible- particularly on my tabard- none of the edges are finished. 

And there you have it. We really did have a great Halloween this year and enjoyed showing off our group costumes. This was not the most economical proposition. In fact,we probably would have been better off in that regard buying the costumes from the store. We were close to the $200 mark for all four costumes. But mine have a little more detail and love (and anger, aggravation, annoyance, anxiety) poured in. 


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