Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Faux Wrap Dress

I am always late to the pattern party. This New Look pattern was one of the Best of 2009 patterns on Pattern Review, and there are pages and pages of reviews to back it up! Well, after 8 years I figured I should see what all the fuss was about... 8 years ago. What can I say? Just say no to peer pressure!

The pattern is New Look 6429. I am positive it is OOP, as I see New Look has now recycled the pattern number for use on a newer design. This is a faux wrap dress with collar and sleeve variations. I used an uber soft black and white space dyed jersey that I picked up while on a trip to San Francisco. 

The pattern was super easy to sew. I did not make any size or design changes. I usually make one size smaller than recommended on all the Big Four patterns, but 2 sizes smaller for knit patterns as I find there's a little too much ease. I only did the one size smaller this time and although it's not huge, it could have been a little more fitted.

Overall, I am happy with this dress. It's great for my work-wear collection. I can now lay this pattern to rest. It's a great make but I don't see needing another one of these. 


Monday, July 3, 2017

Running Skort

Hello, long time no see!  We have moved states, started new jobs, and new daily routines with the kids. It's been difficult to sew regularly, but I'm trying to get back to it. My other ambition, aside from sewing, is running. I'm not very good at it but always trying to get better! I've wanted some cute running skorts for quite some time. 


I used Jalie 2796 Multi-Sport Skort pattern. For my first skort, I used some remnant spandex from previous projects. I cheated and used ITY for the accent- but wanted to be able to get some animal print in. 

These were quick and easy to sew. I used my serger for the seams. I used a wide zigzag stitch for the hem. My photos don't capture the cute details but these have a side pocket which was able to fit my smart phone. I love the wide waistband. These are comfortable and didn't shift or ride up anywhere while I ran. They are short- but not too short. The length of the shorts was long enough to protect from thigh chaffing but nice and short to keep cool in the hot Summer heat. 

I have a couple of really cute spandex prints in my stash that I will be using to make more of these up! Until next time... 


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Dresses

Happy New Year! Before the holidays get too far away from us, I thought I better post my creations for Christmas this year. The story on these dresses is kind of funny. I was in Joann Fabrics and came across this lovely fabric. It has a black lace effect over a nude base with some gold and silver shimmer to it. I end up buying 3.5 yards, imagining I would make it into some sort of party dress for the holiday season. 

We can't take a picture together where we both look normal. I must opt for the ones I look decent in- you understand. 

I got home, washed it, and hung it up to dry. Along comes my 3 year old daughter. As soon as she lays eyes on the fabric, she gasps and exclaims "Mama, I need a dwess (spelling intended)". Being the selfish mama that I am, I hadn't exactly planned on sewing her one as well. But I couldn't disappoint. I scoured my pattern collection for a mama and daughter duo that would fit into the allotted fabric length I purchased. 

For her, I used New Look 6205. I made view A. Her dress went together very quickly. I added some black ribbon to the waistline for a little something special. She wears a 3T in RTW, I ended up going with a size 4 on the pattern- glad I did because it fits her perfectly. I think a 3 would have been too small. 

For my dress, I ended up going with my tried and true Colette Laurel pattern. I've made it twice before- my first (and favorite) rendition is here. It's a basic shift dress that doesn't require a lot of yardage- perfect for my mission to squeeze two garments out of what I got from Joann's. I didn't make any changes except for adding a couple inches of length. 

I am very happy with the way the two dresses turned out. We wore these together for Christmas Eve. We got lots of compliments. I had spent $35 on the fabric- not bad for 2 "fancy" dresses! 

Posing with big brother!

No end of the year wrap up for me. If I posted my top 5 makes, it would be my only 5 makes!! I had made more, but I have a hard time getting all my makes posted. Maybe I can work on posting more frequently this year...