Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Dresses

Happy New Year! Before the holidays get too far away from us, I thought I better post my creations for Christmas this year. The story on these dresses is kind of funny. I was in Joann Fabrics and came across this lovely fabric. It has a black lace effect over a nude base with some gold and silver shimmer to it. I end up buying 3.5 yards, imagining I would make it into some sort of party dress for the holiday season. 

We can't take a picture together where we both look normal. I must opt for the ones I look decent in- you understand. 

I got home, washed it, and hung it up to dry. Along comes my 3 year old daughter. As soon as she lays eyes on the fabric, she gasps and exclaims "Mama, I need a dwess (spelling intended)". Being the selfish mama that I am, I hadn't exactly planned on sewing her one as well. But I couldn't disappoint. I scoured my pattern collection for a mama and daughter duo that would fit into the allotted fabric length I purchased. 

For her, I used New Look 6205. I made view A. Her dress went together very quickly. I added some black ribbon to the waistline for a little something special. She wears a 3T in RTW, I ended up going with a size 4 on the pattern- glad I did because it fits her perfectly. I think a 3 would have been too small. 

For my dress, I ended up going with my tried and true Colette Laurel pattern. I've made it twice before- my first (and favorite) rendition is here. It's a basic shift dress that doesn't require a lot of yardage- perfect for my mission to squeeze two garments out of what I got from Joann's. I didn't make any changes except for adding a couple inches of length. 

I am very happy with the way the two dresses turned out. We wore these together for Christmas Eve. We got lots of compliments. I had spent $35 on the fabric- not bad for 2 "fancy" dresses! 

Posing with big brother!

No end of the year wrap up for me. If I posted my top 5 makes, it would be my only 5 makes!! I had made more, but I have a hard time getting all my makes posted. Maybe I can work on posting more frequently this year...