Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs

I finally jumped on the Burnside Bib train by Sew House Seven! I'm usually not one to sew what everyone else is making in the moment. I have to see it made a few hundred times and mull it over, you know what I mean?? 

Before I get into that, I've been struggling with the decision to continue blogging or not. To be honest, only a fraction of my makes actually end up here because it's so time consuming. Unfortunately, there are faster paced, easier social media platforms to post on. Sometimes posting here doesn't seem worth the effort. Still, when I'm doing my own research on a pattern or project, I hit up personal blogs to read the ins and outs of other people's experiences. What are your feelings on the "old fashioned" blog? Drop me a line below. 

Onto this project. I live in the Hot as Hell city of Phoenix and staying comfortable in the Summer is a must. I love dresses in the Summer so I get a little air up in there. I've had an eye on the Burnside Bibs for a while, but knew that I probably would never wear the full length version- full length overalls are just not my gig. But I knew I would rock them as shorts. 

At first I wanted a rayon tencel to make these out of. I love the look and drape of the fabric... the price tag? Not so much. I settle on this rusty orange linen blend from Etsy. I was worried the linen might be a little sheer, but it really isn't once you put them on. 

As for the contruction- easy peasy. The instructions were great, especially if you need a little hand holding. I was able to skim most parts and didn't run into any hiccups along the way. I sewed this with my straight stitch machine and finished the edges with my serger to keep the fabric from fraying. 

I made no adjustments. I went by the size recommended by my measurements which was a 14. These are nice and roomy and are cinched in with the ties. 

That's about it. I have no secret tips to offer. I love them! Sometimes my husband doesn't love the more unique things I make but he really like these. I was afraid he would make fun of the overall look but he didn't. Not that I care too much what he thinks about the things I make :) 



  1. Well, I read blogs, but I recognize that it is a lot of work to maintain a blog. I don't understand Facebook and I only follow family members on Instagram. Really, you have to do what works best for you. Don't keep a blog unless it makes you happy. :)

    Your overalls are adorable and smart since our summer heat is settling in. I was out and about yesterday in jeans and realized that I was an idiot for not wearing shorts. I just wasn't ready to accept that the heat was upon us. LOL I'll be wearing shorts from now on. ;)

  2. I regularly read blogs as they are more informative and give much more insight into pattern construction, sizing... That being said, I can see that they would take more time for the author and places more of a time burden. Know that if you choose to post a blog, there are those of us who read and appreciate them. :-)

  3. I LOVE them!! I have the bibs on my summer sewing list in a lovely cotton/rayon blend fabric. I am so excited...I should get on that :)

    I am a blogger. I do share on IG but I don't find it nearly as helpful as blogs. Photos are great, of course, but I need the details!! But also, I don't find maintaining my blog to be too onerous at all.

    I agree with Linda that you have to go with what works for you!

  4. I really enjoy your blog, but if you are not enjoying blogging then it might be time to stop. That said, it doesn't matter if you only blog from time to time - it's the content we want, not the timing.

    BTW - I don't do FaceBook, Instagramm, or Pinterest. Blogs really are the way to share!!

    The shortalls are super cute! Love the colour too - it's delicious!!

  5. Love the short overalls. I do read the blogs because sometimes I need the details.

  6. I'm a big blogger reader as it's part of my morning ritual so please continue!

  7. I blog. It takes a fair amount of time but I enjoy it. I keep my camera always at the ready at my cutting table and machine for the process pictures and I enjoy writing so it all adds up for me as pleasurable. Life does like to throw distractions in the way, however! Blogs provide a depth of information as well as community that I don't find on Insta so I haven't jumped on that bandwagon. I feel I have to pick my media as there is so much out there I would never have time to sew if I did it all. I will stick to blogging. I am just sad that some consider it "old fashioned". Do they also consider reading paper books old fashioned? I guess so.

  8. I just read your latest post where you mentioned this one and I had to come back here to say that I am a regular reader (missed this post because I was moving house and my whole life is currently upside down in boxes!). I understand that blogging is time-consuming and my own blog has certainly taken a big hit ever since I went back to work, but I will definitely be here reading whenever you do post. No pressure on regularity. I understand life happens. Do what works for you and it will work for your readers. :-) And great bibs by the way! Such a nice cool and comfortably chic vibe.